Ikebana Hardware Cable Accessories
Ikebana offers a complete range of hardware used as cable accessories in terminations and joints for Power Cables (MV and LV).
Ikebana Heat Shrink Molded Shapes

The Accessories:
  • Tinned Copper Braids (TCB)
  • Tinned Copper Mesh (TCM)
  • Steel Wire Mesh (SWM)
  • Steel Mat / Metallic Canister (SM)
  • Lugs & Ferrules:
    • Medium Voltage Copper Lugs (MVCL)
    • Medium Voltage Copper Ferrules (MVCF)
    • Low Voltage Copper Lugs (LVCL)
    • Low Voltage Copper Ferrules (LVCF)
  • Constant Force Springs (CFS)
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clips (SSHC)
  • Support Rings:
    • Aluminium Support Rings-C type (ALSR)
    • Aluminium Support Rings-2 part (ALSR2)
    • Galvanized Iron Support Rings (GISR)
  • Emery Cloth Strip / Abrasive Strap (ECS)
  • PVC Electrical Tape (PVCT)
  • Cleaning Tissue (CT)
  • Silicone Grease (SG)
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